070313_happy In case you missed yesterday’s re-tweet about twelve things you can do to “step back from burn out,” I’m going to print  them here in list form.  It’s nothing earth shatteringly new, but to see all twelve of these together made me realize that I should try to apply this template to my life every day. I’m going to do a little week-long experiment and make a point to focus on these twelve things…just to see how it affects my over-all level of stress. Stay tuned!

Choice #1: Choose to Be Happy (When you can, pick happy stories, music, people!)
Choice #2: Choose to Disconnect (electronically, at least for a short time)
Choice #3: Choose to Be Mindful (meditation, prayer, yoga)
Choice #4: Choose to Make Time for Sleep (Turn off the TV/computer earlier)
Choice #5: Choose to Get Outside and Get Moving (It’s Spring!)
Choice #6: Choose to Be Grateful (See post on my gratitude journal)
Choice #7: Choose What to Overlook (Is this important?)
Choice #8: Choose the Battles Worth Fighting (What’s more important, being right or having peace?)
Choice #9: Choose What to Do Next Time and What to Stop Doing (Learn from your mistakes.)
Choice #10: Choose to Enjoy the Relationships That Matter (Make time for friends)
Choice #11: Choose to Make a Schedule and Priority List (You KNOW they work!)
Choice #12: Choose to Finish Well (Give it your best!)
(Click on the tweet to see the full “Edutopia” article.)

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