Do I miss those days?


To all the parents dragging their achy bodies out of bed this morning after a week-end of ‘sun and fun’ with their kids- God bless you. I watched as you struggled to the pool laden down with towels, pushing strollers, chasing toddlers and applying sunscreen for the 50th time. You broke up fights, blew up pool toys, and carved up perfectly good burgers into bite-sized morsels… with a plastic spoon – Bravo!! I’d like to give a special shout out to one dad who spent a solid half hour on a mission to find his son’s swimming goggles. It’s tough to stay focused when your kid is pitching a fit and your wife is micro-managing your efforts as she floats on a raft nursing a frozen margarita. You handled it like a champ.  Who could blame you for ordering an entire bucket-o-beer once you finally located the 99cent eye-protectors, only to have your son toss them into the bushes five minutes later announcing he didn’t want them anymore because they leaked- You get no condemnation from me brother.

201106-omag-summer-reading-pool-300x205I wasn’t spying on you as I peered over the top of my juicy novel. I was admiring your efforts, pitying you when they failed and trying to decide if I missed those days when I was you. I haven’t forgotten what it was like to vacation with four kids, and let me tell you, as crazy as it was poolside, the scene in that tiny hotel room was ten times more intense. (Is it too late to apologize to housekeeping?)

There were great times, don’t get me wrong, and my husband was a champion..ever ready and willing to play. I could always count on him to do the crazy stuff …like swimming the length of the lazy river with our son- pretending to be salmon- fighting against the current. Yes, the other guests must have LOVED that…

So do I miss those days? ..mmm, kinda yes – but kinda no. It is such a treat to be able to spread a completely dry towel on my lounge chair and know it won’t end up smeared in ice cream, coated in dirt or gone.  I can bring a book that I will actually be able to read, eat every one of my own french fries, and  set up camp at the “deep end” ….near the bar!  Mom and dad, these are the perks you can look forward to when you’re older and the kids are grown.. I’m not gonna lie, it’s pretty sweet.

But no matter how much I’m enjoying my nap, snoozing to the sound of steel drums floating out of the little speaker shaped like a rock, I’ll still sit up straight and scan the pool the second I hear that universal cry…”HEY MOM! HEYYY MOM!!! MOMMMMEEEEE!!! Look at me!”


(Wow little boy, great dive..  a solid 9 outta 10.)

Old mommy dive ( and cannonball) judges never go away..we just keep the scores to ourselves.

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