The Power of One Little Word



I recently bought this kitchen towel. I don’t know why, but I was drawn to it. While waiting for my coffee to finish brewing this morning, I took a second and stared at it draped across the oven door. “Sea Salt Everything”…hmm.  I imagined what the towel would look like if there was no “sea.” Would I have bought the crazy thing if it had just said “Salt Everything?”–probably not, and certainly not for the ridiculous amount of money I paid.Dark-and-Caramel-Sea-Salt-131026

For some reason, simply adding the word ‘sea’ before ‘salt’ makes everything so much more charming, delicious, harmless, upscale and expensive. While chefs extol the virtues of sea salt, physicians warn that whether the salt is dried from the sea or mined from the ground, pulverized or flaked, pink or white, sodium is still sodium, and it’s bad for your body if you use too much.


It’s absolutely fascinating to me how we have shifted from hysterical  talk of banning “DEADLY” salt shakers… to Gourmet salt stores, salted ice creams, flavor infused custom salts and overpriced sea salt kitchen towels within the space of just a few, short years.  ( Sugar is no doubt anxiously waiting in the wings for its turn at a similar makeover.)

This is the incredible power of just one little word…amazing.


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