The God Zone

white-water-rafting-1One of the most terrifying things I ever did in my life was whitewater rafting.  It had been a rainy week in the mountains, so the river was running “fast and high.” When the guide informed us of these conditions, I almost passed out on the spot. I’m thinking “here’s a reason to cancel”, the guides are thinking “COWABUNGA!!”  I’ll spare you the details, but suffice it to say, it was unbelievably scary!

When it was all over, I had the most unique feeling of my life. It was intense euphoria…never had it before, or since. I told my husband that the feeling was so fantastic,  I clearly understood how people become adrenaline junkies trying to recreate that sensation over and over by engaging in dangerous behavior.

Where am I going with all of this? Well, I just got back from a visit to my son and daughter-in-law that included round trip flights. Those who know me know that air travel has become the mental challenge of my adult life. It all went well- I had my husband with me for support and wonderful friends lifting me up in prayer. So I did it! And let me tell you, the feeling I got afterwards, while not on par with the post rafting “high” was close to it.

Flying is obviously way outside my comfort zone..but what I have come to realize is that when I step outside my zone, I don’t have to fall MANOS31off a cliff into some dark chasm…I can step into the light of God’s holy zone! Just like at the airport, I have to first go through a check point where I empty my ‘pockets’ of fear, my need to control, and any other anxieties or issues that would limit my ability to receive the full measure of this blessing. (You can’t freely walk with the Lord if you’re carrying all that baggage-He wants you to give it over to Him!) Shedding that weight is no easy process, but once you have done it, you get to experience the amazing liberty that only God can provide.. the full assurance that he has you tucked under his wing, and the exhilarating relief of fully letting go and trusting Him.

I have flown three times in the last 18 months which is amazing for me, and while I do not believe I’ll ever become an aviation enthusiast, I do love the after-glow of having spent time in the God zone.



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