The perfect dress

valentines-dayThis Valentine’s Day my husband and I are going to a romantic restaurant for dinner. In anticipation of this grand event, I started looking for the perfect dress back in January.

It all sounds so fun, but clothes shopping has become an exercise in second guessing.  Truthfully, I’m bummed about the whole complicated thing. I take some pride in keeping myself in shape..and up until a few years ago, all that mattered when it came to clothing purchases was did it fit? Once you cross into your fifties though, something least it did for me. It’s not just about whether or not an item of clothing slips on easily anymore, you’ve got this strange, new, vague, complex, consideration…….Is it appropriate for my age?ageapprop

I’m spending a lot more time in the dressing room these days as I try to interpret what I’m seeing. Too much knee cap? Too much back? Too low? Too short? Too bright? Too tight? Too flashy? and the biggie… TOO YOUNG?

It’s a tough balancing act between staying true to your sense of self but not crossing the line, maintaining your style, kris-jenner-attends-paris-fashion-shows-002but making adjustments so that it doesn’t look like you’ve raided your daughter’s closet. As I heard someone say on TV recently while discussing a certain celebrity, “Just because you can wear it, doesn’t mean you should.” Yikes!

Conforming has never been my strong suit, and re-learning how to dress has been a little frustrating. I’ve broken the rules and gotten away with it, but I’ve also looked at photos and thought..”OH NO! Who saw me in this thing?”

I did finally find myself the perfect dress. It’s got long sleeves and a conservative neckline, but it’s definitely figure hugging. I feel pretty confident that I covered my bases, stuck to the guidelines, and that my husband will still say “WOW!”

Yeah, the whole process took a little longer, but do a lot of things these days!

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