NBC news broadcaster Brian Williams has found himself smack dab in the middle of a “misremembering” scandal that could very well end his amazing career. Seems he made up a story about being shot down in a helicopter while he was embedded with American troops.  If Brian thought for one minute that his colleagues across the other networks would rally around one of their own, he was sadly mistaken. TV is a cut-throat business, and the vultures at CNN, ABC and the rest are circling around America’s #1 anchor ready to pluck his lyin’ eyes out.

But just when Mr. William’s must have concluded that he had no one in his corner….up pops the New York Times.  They published an article in the HEALTH section of their newspaper yesterday entitled “Was Brian Williams the victim of false memory?” In the piece, the author postulates that Mr. Williams could have mis-assembled the pieces of this war-time story by adding facts from other sections of his brain where memories are also stored.

Wow, I didn’t realize that our brains had different cranial cubbies for different facts, but that’s good to know.  So now when a community college graduate remembers seeing a Harvard sweatshirt, fuses both experiences into one thought and attaches it to the education section of a resume (..and sends it to NBC) well no biggie, it’s just a falsely reconstructed memory- right?

I feel really, really bad that it all comes down to Brian Williams, but I guess we are about to find out if truth matters to the press…I think some of us know the answer already.



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