Being needed

My youngest daughter, who is about to celebrate her 20th birthday, is fiercely independent. I guess that’s to be expected when you grow up in the shadow of three headstrong siblings.

So it comes as no surprise that one of my favorite moments this summer came as we were snorkeling in the warm waters off the coast of Florida.


We were swimming around, enjoying the reef when I came upon a decently sized ray skimming through the sand below.

My daughter enjoys the fish and the turtles, but anything with sharp teeth or a barb- forget it. As I motioned to her and pointed down at the creature, I felt her swim up right next to me and urgently grab my hand.


And that’s how we floated along for a while…hand in hand.

I’ve thought about that moment many times since then and it always brings a smile to my face because I don’t think my daughter has reached out like that since she was in grade school…and it felt good to be ‘needed’ again. ūüíú



Dorm Room Flip!

So here’s an idea for HGTV…I mean seriously, ¬†I’m getting a bit bored with the home make-over shows so how about..


Think of the creativity required to ¬†turn a super tiny space with too much (ridiculously heavy) furniture, scratched floors, stuck windows and concrete walls into a livable space..all with a budget of like $47.25, a box of command strips and a string of mom’s Christmas lights..


Talk about a challenge!!!


I think it would make for a great reality show..a competition.. to see who could turn their dumpy room into the cleanest, cutest, college cubby!

First prize- a $100 Starbucks gift card,

Second prize- maybe 4 pizzas?

Third prize- How about one of those Swiffer Duster boxes delivered straight to their door!!


The art of making up your mind.

My husband and I have been spending way too much of our free time working on our little town home up here in Charlotte. ¬†Some projects are urgent and unavoidable, but others could be spaced out a bit more. ¬†Having our daughter home from college over the summer was helpful as we felt compelled to add a bit more “fun stuff” to the itinerary.

We could still do better..

As I was reading The View from the Porch¬†last week, I found myself relating to Nancy’s concern that the summer was slipping away and her bucket list for the season was still rather full. We both agreed we’d get to a museum… soon!

Well Nancy, I did! ¬†My husband and I went to the USAIR museum in Charlotte..a relatively small, but very well done, display of beautifully maintained planes in a hangar on the opposite side of the runway at the busy Charlotte-Douglas airport. They had all kinds of aircraft from crop dusters to military jets to the famous “Miracle on the Hudson” plane that Sully Sullenberger landed on the River. The accompanying photos, videos and artifacts were fascinating additions to the actual USAIR plane and helped bring the entire event to life. (Probably wasn’t a bad idea to visit that museum BEFORE the movie comes out.)


So Nancy, I enjoyed the entire experience..¬†thanks for motivating me to go!!¬† ¬†Isn’t it ¬†amazing what happens when you simply make up your mind to do something? Looking at the plane that Captain Sullenberger expertly landed, saving so many lives, is certainly a visual reminder of that!

Now if I could just make up my mind to go the gym!

¬†You first…ūüėČ




Ryan and Bill..a study of famous liars.

Ryan Lochte

Ryan Lochte, the American swimmer currently embroiled in a humiliating, international scandal over his false report of being robbed in Rio, is probably too young to remember the President of the United States, ¬†Bill Clinton, appearing on TV, angrily wagging his finger at the cameras and proclaiming “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.”


If Ryan has never read about the President’s affairs, subsequent lies, perjury, obstruction of justice, impeachment by the house of representatives and ¬†disbarment from ever practicing law again -he should- it will give him hope for eventual redemption.

Ryan’s buddies should also pay special attention to the role first lady Hillary Clinton played as well, fully supporting her husband’s fabrications, blaming Republicans for a “vast right-wing conspiracy” ¬†and publicly referring to Bill’s victims and accusers as a “bimbos.”


So there’s hope Ryan..

It may be bumpy for a while, and you may leave these Olympics “not just broke but in debt” as Hillary described her departure from the White House- but hang in there..things will get better.¬†Obviously, the Clintons were both able to transform their desperate PR disaster into extremely lucrative careers.

Maybe one day you too can run for public office.


DISCLAIMERFor those who are unfamiliar with my sarcastic side, both of these stories above are deeply distressing and an embarrassment to our country. How talented people can toss everything they’ve worked so hard for down the drain with careless, self indulgent, behavior is beyond my ability to understand. And while I’m all for forgiveness, the thought of Bill Clinton back in the white house as “first laddie” (as he says he wants to be called) makes my head & stomach hurt. Of course I cannot get myself to pull the lever for Trump either and am profoundly disappointed that Americans are faced with the horrific choice of either an ethically or intellectually challenged president.






Have you ever lost sight of the shore?

My husband and I were out on our small boat, heading off to fish beyond the reef, when a sudden shift in the wind blew thick smoke from inland brush fires out to sea completely obliterating any view of the coast. I was immediately terrified..all landmarks  were gone and I instantly had no idea where we were.. or where we were heading. It was as if someone wiped the numbers off a clock and I was desperately trying to figure out what time it was.

When you lose sight of the shore, you need to depend on yourself and the equipment you have.  My husband, a Navy veteran, had plenty of equipment and thank goodness knew how to use it.  Before too long, but not soon enough as far as I was concerned, we saw bits and pieces of the shoreline emerging through the gray clouds. I was in a near state of panic, my husband was having a blast.

I’m a landlubber at heart- let’s face it. I like the familiar, the steady, the consistent, the unchanging…yes, the boring. ¬†But I’m trying to build up the courage to untangle myself from my moorings and be more comfortable floating away from the predictable and the safe.

I’m trying to teach myself to be more comfortable “losing sight of the shore”…and to trust God and myself and those around me – more.