My Today and Tomorrow Self.


I got a lot done yesterday, but I’ll be honest.. I started running out of gas earlier than expected. At about 8pm, I found myself in a face-off with three brown bananas that I was going to use for muffins. “I’m too tired to make them today” I thought.. “I’ll bake ’em tomorrow instead.”

My poor, defenseless “tomorrow self”…

I actually feel so bad for her.

She’s forever the junior partner in this life, and that girl gets the shaft every time.

“OH LOOK!” says my today self, “I want to buy those expensive shoes!” “How you gonna pay for them?” snaps my tomorrow self knowing full well, the bill will fall into her lap.

“Sure, I’ll have another slice of cake” says my today self “my tomorrow self will walk 10,000 steps and skip lunch..and dinner!!”

“I’m gonna speak my mind right here, right now!” exclaims my today self as my tomorrow self feverishly takes notes on everything she’s going to have to apologize for.

“Those pots and pans need to soak tonight” my lazy today self mutters shuffling off to bed..“they can be done tomorrow morning, you know…by you know who.”

I have come to realize that one of the most important predictors of personal success is the relationship our today self has with our tomorrow self. You see, if we treated our tomorrow self more like a highly esteemed CEO we wanted to impress and less like a lowly, personal assistant we continually screw over, we’d be much more productive and successful.

If we made it a goal to proudly pass along our achievements instead of loading our tomorrow selves down with half finished to-do lists and punitive restrictions…well, I dare say I’d be sitting here right now dunking a fresh banana muffin into my cup of hot coffee without the tiniest hint of guilt because my yesterday self would have made those darn muffins AND taken my muffin top to the gym! 😐

Clearly my two selves need counseling..


The Sisterhood


It took over a year to find a church that “fit” and a few months longer to plug into a smaller ‘life group.’

But the wait was worth it and once again I am floored by the instant acceptance and effortless bond among women who share a common faith and passion for God.

I don’t know where I’d be without this sisterhood.




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Attention!! Attention!!

The tweets are flooding in from New York.  It’s fashion week, so OBVIOUSLY everybody who thinks they are anybody needs to score a ticket to some event and:

A. show up dressed as if they themselves are models

B. get photographed

C. tweet out said pictures.

“Oh look!” everyone is supposed to gush, “there’s Madonna having a deep conversation with one of the Jenner girls..”

What the heck could those two even be talking about…

and wow, are fishnet stockings street legal if you’re over fifty? (Hey-I’m just asking!!)


Pity the poor soul sitting directly behind Madonna and her Alaska-inspired parka-look. Who ever thought you could snag second row seats and not be able to see a thing?

And then there’s Paris Hilton, still obviously clinging to the fringes of the red carpet that was yanked out from under her by Kim Kardashian oh so many years ago. Forget showing “side boob,” her latest Fashion Week dress had a front that wasn’t technically connected to the back..this “side-body” number looked more like two slices of wonder bread magically clinging to a raw chicken cutlet.

This is a family friendly you’ll have to use your imagination: Here’s her dress, minus the peanut butter and the pat of butter and the orange shirt, chef’s hat, gloves, padding and oh yeah, there was substantially less material..think more hot dog bun-ish.


I’m a mom, so forgive me if I worried about what happened to her “sandwich” when she took a seat at the show..assuming she had a ticket. Heck, maybe she didn’t! Maybe poor Paris is, oh I dunno, stale at this point..maybe she just hung around the door for photos and then snuck off to some bar to get…toasted? 😏

That’s mean…

Anyway…every year I continue to be amazed by the lengths these so called “stars” are willing to go to maintain their relevance in our celebrity worshipping, click counting, group following, ratings hungry culture.  The old axiom must still be true- “If they are talking about you, it’s all good.”

Honestly, I’m actually grateful we have this circus competing for our attention. Without it we’d be left with nothing but wall to wall group hysteria over Trump..ugh.

sad clown

I’ll take the fun house any day..


.(note the earrings…haha)


photocredit:Daily Mail,pinterest,Fuse TV



The “man-cold.”


Last week I was in the grip of a terrible cold. I’ll spare you the details, but wow. Finally,  after about seven days I turned the corner..only to find that despite my best efforts to keep our place disinfected and husband announced that he was coming down with…


Let me just distill the difference between men and women with colds into this little  thought nugget that dawned on me this morning after suffering through a second night of coughing, moaning, groaning, cell phone checking, fit bit flashing and olympic level thrashing all over our bed like a freshly caught tuna on a ship’s deck.. (him, not me.)

When I had the cold, I got up during the night and slept in the guest room so as not to disturb my husband.

When my husband has a cold, I get up during the night and sleep in the guest room so as not to be disturbed by him.

And that’s the difference.

😏 Love you honey, Happy Valentine’s Day.

Hope you feel better cause the table is set with my red velvet placemats and no, this lovely dinner ain’t gettin’ served on a tray- HAHA!







In honor of men and women this Valentine’s Day..

Husband and I went out to see a hilarious one man show based on the book, Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. I don’t think I’ve laughed that hard in my life because everything the guy said was TRUE! Women and men are wired so differently that it’s amazing we’ve even survived as a in honor of our differences this Valentine’s week, here are a few funnies about us..


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Are Progressives truly pro-choice?


This won’t be a deep dive into politics because frankly, I’m in no mood to argue.  I’m getting over one of the worst colds I’ve had in years (actually my first cold in years) and it’s all I can do to keep my heavy head upright on my neck- ugh.

But I do like to ponder over certain things in life..and this is a timely issue I’m very interested in:

Are Progressives truly pro-choice?

One of the arguments you will hear pro-choice advocates make is that “if you have a strong, moral objection to abortion don’t have one..but don’t take away another woman’s right to make personal decisions about what to do with her own body.”

I get that argument, I really do.. but here’s where it falls apart: right at the front door of the various department stores these same advocates are pressuring to drop Ivanka Trump’s clothing line.

Unless you’ve been under the covers with a head cold for the past week, you have no doubt heard of the effort to crush the President’s daughter’s business by threatening to boycott stores that choose to carry her fashions. And while I’m tempted to get into a lengthy dissertation about segregationist feminism and other hypocrisies..I’m still way too exhausted for that.  What I will simply point out to my pro-choice, progressive friends (using their own words and logic) is this:

“If you have a strong, moral objection to Ivanka’s clothing, don’t buy it..but don’t take away another woman’s right to make personal decisions about what to put on her own body.”


(Cool picture above..and I bet each woman in it chose her own clothes.)


photocredit:The Odyssey Online